How To Master Your Thoughts To Upgrade Your Life

Your guide to breaking down and rebuilding unhelpful subconscious beliefs

Rodin’s Thinker — Winning at life, by thinking

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.” — Mahatma Gandhi

I chose to study Psychology for my undergraduate degree because I wanted to know, why do people do what they do, and why is it that I can I never do what I actually want to do?!

I quickly learned that if I was looking for a quick fix, or a “proven” method to change my behaviour, then I would be disappointed. There is no magic bullet that makes you eat less, save more or stop procrastinating.


There is, however, a reasonable body of evidence that shows that what you think influences what you do. Since what you do influences your outcomes, then you better be clear about what is going on in your head if you want your life to follow a plan that you have designed.

After many years of struggling, I finally got over some deeply held beliefs that held me back in my career and threatened to ruin the relationship I had with my mum, all by working out just what the heck I was thinking.

In this post, I will explain exactly how I became a master of my thoughts and how you can make your thoughts work for you.

Conscious Beliefs — The Tip Of The Iceberg

There is a body of evidence which shows that your beliefs:

all influence your behaviour.

Let’s illustrate this with an example, imagine that the goal is to be a profitable entrepreneur and work for yourself.

Positive Pete believes that:
- He is confident that he can run a successful business.
- His friends and family are supportive and want him to succeed.
- He knows that if he puts in the hard…