The Diary of an Addict

When the fun stops being fun

A day in the life of me and my addictions

I’ve been tracking my habits over time and this week my habit performance has deteriorated. I’ve not been doing the things that I want to do that will help future me as much as I would like. The reason is that I’ve been on annual leave and have been prioritising having fun. Not that my work and habits aren’t fun, but annual leave has been a different kind of fun, a-driving-to-restaurants-cafes-and-bars-to-see-friends and-eat-food-and-have-drinks kind of fun.

Why is it that so much of what I do for fun is directly counter to my long-term goals of healthy eating, maintaining my weight and moving my body?

Why is it that so much of what I do for fun has to negatively impact the environment as well?

I’ve been thinking a lot about addiction recently, in part in response to my friend Joshua Spodek who talks about the modern western culture of consumption and convenience as a manifestation of addiction that is destroying Earth’s ability to sustain life and our health and happiness in the process.

There are many different definitions of addiction but one of the components of addiction is characterised by an inability to stop using a substance or engaging in a behaviour, even though it is causing harm.